The ReNerdish Podcast was born in late February of 2016. It is a show loosely based on nothing and everything at the same time. We were all nerds at one time or another and some of us grew out of it, some just hid it to try and be cool while others embraced it all along. We are the one's who tried to hid it but with age finally said f*%k it and are now getting back to the inner child we may have lost.

Mat Gingrich
Brandon Valentine

Brandon Valentine grew up in Maple Valley, Washington the youngest of 6 kids. His journey into comedy was not something that was planned rather than something He stumbled upon. His whole life he has used laughter as a defense mechanism. His friends and family have always appreciated his unusual sense of humor.

One day out of the blue, he was asked by a friend (Mat) to go with him as on opener for one of his shows. Even though he had never even done an open mic, but this friend saw potential (or was just desperate) After a good amount of alcohol he made his first attempt on stage. Being the father of 4 has been the biggest inspiration for A LOT of his material. After being on stage, he has found that it is more addicting then any drug.

Now, when things happen to him in life, he is always looking for material for his next show. So be careful what you say or do around Brandon, you never know when you might end up being his next punchline

When Brandon was asked to join Mat on the Renerdish Podcast he jumped at the chance to work alongside with Mat again. Mat has been a huge part of why Brandon started comedy and he loves working with Mat. 

Mat Gingrich hails from the town of Hobart, Washington population 500. Always having a knack for quick one liners Mat was voted class clown his senior year in high school. Wanting to be a professional athlete but having the body size and drive of a bowling ball Mat knew it wasn't in the cards so he headed to broadcasting school in Minnesota hoping to one day take over ESPN. Soon he realized that he had a face for radio instead and the voice for something the FCC couldn't control.


After doing three open mics in three years Mat applied for his first paid apperence and GOT IT! After the show he was handed 40$ and thought maybe he should take this a bit more seriously. Finding his way to Tacoma, Wahington Mat was taking the stage three nights a week. Blowing up in his own mind like he was Jim Jefferies Mat quit his job and went full time. After two years farmer Mat planted another seed in his wife and with now four mouths to feed he had to reenter the real world. 


Still having the itch to be heard and funny Mat asked and received a podcast studio for christmas. After toying around with a few different ideas Mat contacted Brandon Valentine and the ReNerdish Podcast was born. Mat is now finally at home being able to say anything at all.