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Renerdish # 120 Mastur Myths

The LDS and the myths of the original selfie. Checking out the new Indulgers line at and BGT funny special

Renerdish # 119 Back in the day

Small town crimes compared to the city. A look back at childhood the way we lived and how our kids live. Where did the good times go like the pizza parlor, bowling alleys and arcades?

Renerdish # 118 Reset Button Broken

Brandon and I discuss breakfast foods, needing a vacation from vacation and are teens really dumber than we were with "Challenges"

Renerdish # 117 Free Flowing

this episode we just let it flow au natural about a proposal, crazy men of the cloth, a new challenge and more. Remember to visit and use code Renerdish

Renerdish # 116 Stormy Dayz

Stormy Daniels and porn addiction. Spackling and new release movies.


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Renerdish # 115 On Deck

There is so much happening in the near future we just can't keep up. From movie to sports and events. Our heads are turning

Renerdish # 114 Healthy times ahead

Mat was dying, the old games in a new way, and Josh Wolf and practical jokes

Renerdish # 113  Extended Weekend

This week we share our separate but equally fun extended weekends. Brandon travels to Vegas and Mat does the ECCC

Renerdish #112 Geeking Again

We preview and compare #ECCC18 wish Kevin Smith a speedy recovery and finally review Black Panther

Renerdish #111 Give me some skin 

We break character and talk the Florida school shooting. Reveal the result in our Keaton vs Cage poll and debate foreskin or cutty

Renerdish #110 Dreams shattered and a disagreement 

We talk the possible Spice Girls reunion, a Olympic recap so far, what's wrong with Venom and debate Keaton vs Cage

Renerdish #109 LII

We get back to being by ourselves with a Super Bowl LII recap. Th Ads, the trailers and the game.

Renerdish #108 Bill Coulombe

Bill Coulombe from Y comics and creator of Kinetic joins us to break down the comic making process, and much more.

Renerdish #107 Justin Hunt

We are joined by comic book creator, artist and jack of all things geek Justin Hunt. We play Mad Libs, discuss pop culture and try to wrangle info on his Toy and Geek Fest. Check out

Renerdish #106 WTF

We mourn Dolores O'Riordan. Talk the stupidity behind the Tide Pod challenge and my meeting with Kevin Smith

Renerdish #105 Flinging Poo

We are joined by Sabrina Littleton to talk public restroom etiquette, playing the game in entertainment and our first Mad libs.

Renerdish #104 A New Year

Happy New Years! Brandon and Mat discuss their resolutions and then openly debate Their favorite soundtracks and movie songs.

Renerdish #103 What What

We read the objects found in people's orifices, christmas recap, 2nd time not a Jedi charm and bad drivers

Renerdish #102 It's Christmas Time

We review our first 100 episodes with a walk down memory lane. The for the first time in history Mat has a Christmas complaint.

Renerdish #101 The Last Jedi Review

Brandon and Mat welcome Joe Cimaomo to discuss the good, bad and the ugly in Star Wars The Last Jedi. We've got a bad feeling about this.

Renerdish Episode 100!!!!

We finish off a century with a bang! Getting hype for The Last Jedi, belief in Santa and ghosting.

Renerdish #99

We expose Brandon as a phony.Talk our shared love of serial killers and prepare for the playoffs

Renerdish #98 Marathon Music man

We discuss Brandon's running of the Seattle Marathon, then we break down the Dan Band's Ho Christmas album

Renerdish #97 Giving Thanks

Thanks for being a D!ck carhop, Thank you Deadpool, Thanks football for the heart attack. And thank you all for listening

Renerdish #96 A bad day

We talk through my bad day, I get excited for Christmas and Brandon tries to crawl under my skin talking mess

Renerdish #95

We make our Wrestling Mt. Rushmore review Thor Ragnarok and discuss famous non singers who said I can do that

Renerdish #94

Brandon wants no celebration Dec. 2 upcoming viewing party and mid season FF

Renerdish #93 Tale of 2

Who's better Alyssa Milano or Drew Barrymore? Real hookers vs robot hookers

Renerdish #92 Auntie Angel, Black Panther, and Halloween

With discuss the new Black Panther trailer. Insert ourselves in a Auntie Angel class and start the Halloween festivities.

Renerdish #91 A Solo job

Brandon is out sick so it's me to play by myself. My thoughts on The Last Jedi and more. Remember to send Brandon well wishes for a chance to win a prize next week.

Renerdish #90 A Debt Paid

Our thoughts on Vegas and Petty then we try to entertain you. We give away a SNES Classic then Brandon pays up on a debt. You don't wanna miss it

Renerdish #89 Fantastacon

Brandon and I along with our friends at Kings comics and toys went to Fantastacon and had the chance to sit down with a couple of the artist there. Let's Go To The Con!!!!

Renerdish #88 Kneel before you DIY sex master

The NFL's big FU to Trump, 34 years of Masters of the Universe, Geeky sex toys all nerds need and my adventures in DIY project

Renerdish #87-State fair, Drug Store sex toys and more

Has the state fair lost it's appeal, will Toys 'R' Us be a thing of the past and do you get your sex toys from Walgreens?

Renerdish #86 the unfunny fart

On this date in history so much of our childhood debuted. GhostBusters, G.I. Joe, Scooby Doo and more. Then my sad story of the unfunny fart.

Renerdish #85 I think we're alone now

Cops who shut off their camera think the are alone. Brandon is alone at the bottom with a D. The we break out 80's goddess Tiffany

Renerdish #84 Fantasy Football Edition

Brandon and I record our draft with funny back and forth and some ok very little football knowledge.

Renerdish #83 Lethal Nadia Classic

We introduce Brandon to Mac Lethal talk super fight #NadiaGvsMiloPPV and Nintendo screwing us again

Renerdish #82 F$&K Nazis the Klan and more

We have no problem condemning the real a$$holes here. We also send our thoughts to Heather, SJ, and The Nature Boy.

Renerdish #81 Aloha Brandon

Brandon is back from Hawaii and 2 out of 3 ain't bad. We finally are able to discuss Spider-man Homecoming. And more random babbling.

Renerdish #80

Brandon is on vaction (Lucky Bastard) but the show must go on so we bring in an old friend, Joseph Cimaomo to talk comics, toys and Trump.

Renerdish #79

Trump bans America from the protection we deserve, a new comic and toy store and the news out of San Diego Comic Com

Renerdish #78 Oops and HaHa's

Mat get's embarrassed which we thought was impossible. A new bit works well and a man checks in a beer.

Renerdish #77 Murica

Happy Birthday 'Murica. We discuss the 4th of July with a belief history lesson. Conspiracy theories and my 20th high school reunion.

Renerdish #76

Sabrina Littleton joins us to talk d!ck pics, 100lb testies and more

Renerdish #75 Westward Bound

This week we pay tribute to Adam West, touch on Bruce Lee, Prepare to DodgeBall we the Average Joe's and me the executioner of our 3-2-1 bet

Renerdish #74 Making the Stakes

Sony is cleaning up their raunchy films, freedom of speech fight and we finalize our bet for team Brandon vs team Mat in the Amazing Race

Renerdish #73 Assert the Assets

It is the ass show from eating it to being it

Renerdish #72 Music by the years

A somber day with the passing of Chris Cornell, Cortez Kennedy, Roger Moore, and Lisa Spoonauer. Then we break down "songs of the summer" from '82-'16

Renerdish #72 DrunkTales Live from Jay Berry's

Our first live recording from Jay Berry's Café in Renton WA. Drunk stories from Drunk people. It's starts slow and then the liquid courage kicks in!!!

Renerdish #71 Sue ME

The battle between parents and 2yr old continues. That bad parts of Little League and lawsuits that will you scratching your head.

Renerdish #70 GotG Review

This week we review Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. Plus our thoughts on the Defenders, Deadpool cartoon and the fidget spinner

Renerdish #69 Happy Batman Day!!!

On this monumental holiday we tackle Batman on screen from 1966 to today. Then to end with some silly fun......FLARP!!!!

Renerdish #68 Cartoon Town

We spend this episode in the 80's an easier time with much better music and cartoons. The best of Saturday morning toons. Do you agree with us?

Renerdish #67 New Horizons

Sometimes it's the simple things that make you happy like a red chair or lip syncing. Comedy night review and winners of round 1 in April Absurdity

Renerdish #66 Spring Break (Adulting Addition)

While college kids are getting smashed and chasing tail during spring break adults like us are getting wood over Star Wars and Thor teasers

Renerdish #65 Welcome Back Sabrina Littleton

Sabrina Littleton comes back in a more relaxed role. We make our bracket picks, talk some WWE, Video games. Then we notice Sabrina is Rick Astley's doppleganger.

Renerdish #64 April Absurdity

March madness is coming to close but fret not we have a new bracket for you to fill out. It's our April Absurdity Challenge. The field of 16 childhood or modern things that make us feel like a kid again will battle to the end.

Renerdish #63 A sex god comically

This week we review our second comedy night. 5 1/2 minutes makes you a sex god and birthing stories from 2 men who have never given birth.

Renerdish #62 Fun House

It's time to start bringing the show back to where it should be.....Us being kids again. Talking Pee-wee Herman, pain games and Disney Afternoon

Renerdish #60 Weekend Nerdgasim

We spent the weekend not being Nerdish but being full blown Nerds. Here is our Logan review with spoilers and our thoughts on the Emerald City Comic Con.

Renerdish #59 Marching into March

we talk all the entertainment that March will bring us. DWTS and Mr. T primes legendary albums and the marvels of March's Marvel releases

Renerdish #58 Sabrina Littleton

We are joined by singer,song writer, and new comedian Sabrina Littleton. We talk comedy, music and freezing genitalia. Check out Sabrina's music at

Renerdish #57 Happy 1st Birthday to us

We celebrate a year of the ReNerdish Podcast by looking back at what we have succeeded and failed at. Then we dive in to the retro video gaming world. Fast food is stepping up it's love game and past movies getting a new crack at it.

Renerdish #55 GaGa and a bowl of fruit

We talk the Super Bowl, Lady GaGa, and some Valentine's day advice from the produce department

Renerdish #54 COM-EDY-ICON

We review our first ReNerdish presents comedy show. Discuss the possible bacon shortage #ThanksTrump and announce new guest for the Emerald City Comicon

Renerdish #53 Trump's 1st 5 our POV

This is our take on Trump's first 5 days in office. Screaming, yelling and cursing highly recommended.

Renerdish #52 Random thoughts from within

We are scatter brained today. We talk the new He-man Thundercat's comics Trump's picks and our very own Deadpool 2017

Renerdish #51 The 80's gave us so much

We look back at at the 80's the first full decade of our lives that brought us video games and great music, cell phones and our first tragic memories.

Renerdish #50 Nifty Fifty Happy New Year

We are now 50 episodes in Yay us! We take a look back at 2016 peek into the future of 2017. Promote our comedy show and fears about it. Lucus Werner is this weeks C*%t

Renerdish #49 Goodbye Childhood

We say goodbye to childhood Icons, Carrie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds, George Michael, and George Irving. Our review of Rogue One is in. And Happy Birthday to Stan the Man Lee

Renerdish #48 Christmas Week 4

Heart warming Christmas stories. I give Brandon half his gift. The New Ducktales and our goals for the show in 2017

Renerdish #47 Christmas Week 3

This week we hit our meaning of Christmas and the traditions that make it great for us. 2 new songs for your non-traditional liking. Brandon surprises with an amazing gift. Video on Fb

Renerdish #46 Christmas Week 2

Our top 10 Christmas movies are finalized. Argue away. We get early present from the future. Brandon isn't dead yet, there is still a little Christmas light left in him

Renerdish #44 Christmas Week 1

We narrow our Christmas movie list working towards our top 10. Two more non traditional songs to get you ready for the holiday. It's Dropkick Murphy's vs Cartman. And a special visit from fan boy Chris Pickett

Renerdish #43 Giving Thanks that Christmas is here

Is Adam Sandler back to his old self? Tales from our Thanksgivings and the beginning of Christmas. Our quick list of movies have begun and our first XMAS song battle

Renerdish #42 Our transition team is on point

We transition from the global apocalypse for awhile. Times are tough and we need an hour to escape. Han and Leia but who shot first? GQ's man of the year and my TP fiascos.

Renerdish #40 Trump takes over the show and our country

We start lite with our thoughts on Dr. Strange and Jet City comic con then Donald J Trump takes over and angers me ......... A LOT

Renerdish #39 We're starting to grow! It's a miracle

We discuss big news coming for the show. Recap Halloween and my latest blackout. One final plea to elect the lesser of 2 evils. Oregon Trail the card game,......Yes pleaseoys.

Renerdish #38 Halloween Special

Spooky Tales of my naked past. Brandon's take on scary movies and remember kids fun size candy bars aren't always fun. Happy Halloweenys.

Renerdish #37 We're getting OLD

As our childhood hero's are gracing AARP magazines and heading to the Rock 'N' Roll HoF we realize we are getting old. Get Off My Lawn!!!!!

Renerdish #36 We need BATMAN!!!!

Brandon finishes Luke Cage and Batman is chasing clowns. Donald Trump is a clown. 12 Fart facts and I want new toys.

Renerdish #35 Cage, Clowns and our future leaders

We talk Luke Cage with spoilers. The creepy clown epidemic and our biggest fear, kids who can't do anything.

Renerdish #33 Our It's starting to smell bad!


Puking from ones own fart. Can it really be that bad. Marvel news and notes. Let's punch Martin Shkreli in the face. Finally our debate thoughts.

Renerdish #32 Here we go again

We tried to stop adulting and then America struck again. We then move on to some Marshawn Lynch fun. My whooping of Brandon ass in Fantasy. Finally talking back to high school teachers.

Renerdish #30 Our fantasy football draft live

We draft our teams for the ReNerdish FF league while adding stories in between. If you got scrapped during a BJ would you feel bigger?

Renerdish #29 Oh say can you see Colin KrapperDick

The naked photo bomb, mushrooms so good you'll cum and the hot topic filling up everyone's feed Colin Kaepernick

Renerdish #28 A Tribute: Gene Wilder An Icon

Today is Aug. 29 and 2016 has struck again with the passing of Gene Wilder. We grew up laughing and awe struck at the comedy of Gene Wilder, from Blazing Saddles and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to Stir Crazy. RIP Gene Wilder

Renerdish #27 Don't Be A D!ck

School is in and say the pledge, Don't rape Cocks not Glocks and stop being a racist pig. Fun with science and beautycow.

Renerdish #26 Vacation Special-We're back

Brandon and I return from Hawaii and Vegas respectively and share are tales with you. How would you handle your daughters boyfriend? a cow.

Renerdish #25 Suicide Trumps Squad

We review Suicide Squad (Spoilers) talk old DC movies. Trump wins this weeks C**T and our Olympic tales from the podium

Renerdish #24 Thoughts from the crapper

What do we really think about while pushing a deuce. Thoughts on Suicide Squad "FANS" Trump and our final thoughts on our Menstruators experience

Renerdish #23 Menstrators have a time of the month

We talk the Menstruators and their Dead Glitter Tour stop in Seattle. Is Punk dead? What came out of the CON. This weeks Cunt fucks a cow.

Renderdish #22 The Shit stain known as Humanity

I try to enlighten my home town on the perception from the other side of the "thin Blue Line". My daughter turns 21 and I have her drunk by 3pm and a special annoucement about Nadia G from Bitchin Kitchen

Renderdish #21 Poke-Oh No Go
We starting by thanking everyone for helping us climb the ladder. Then the craze sweeping the nation Pokemon GO!brings out the crazies. New "recipes" for Pilsbury cinnamon rolls and this weeks Does it Hold up? The Adventures of Ford Fairlane.
Renderdish #20 Still going Fucking Crazy

A quick follow up to last weeks episode with our opinions on the BLM movement Dallas and the craziness that persued

Renderdish #19 The world has gone Fucking Crazy
Alton Sterling is on everyone's mind. Crazy fucking parents are abound. The Olympics are scary. A new segment called Does it hold up: this week Adventures in Babysitting.
Renderdish #18 Java Jollies and the butt chug

The Swiss Fellatio Cafe is a Latte fun. Brandon/Mike feud is put to rest. Butt chugging teens make us weary of the future.

Renderdish #17 From Zero to Zero I have the power

You get a play by play of our time in the Amazing Race. We talk my upcoming 10 yr anniversary and end with some He-man talk. By the Power of Greyskull!!!!!

Renderdish #16 Sadness And Happiness

Orlando slows down the laughs. Then random dicks are sent and we are laughing again. Frog sex spells trouble for pulling out.

Renderdish #15 Rainbows Glitter and WTF

We talk topics you want and we aren't so good at. Adult breastfeeding yummy! Then we play a quick game of cards against humanity. Plus our first show give away!!!!!

Renderdish #14 Drunk Tales Whoo Hooo

In this episode we talk Nirvana and Queen and anything in between being better than today. Drunk shitting. Birthing tips from men. Finally guns and a dead ape

Renderdish #13 Transitions are hard

Candace Payne makes us and the internet happy chewie's. New on free porn. Kiddo Kat takes us back and more bad transitions

Renderdish #12 Hot Topics

We again try to tackle transgender restrooms, penis transplants and sex toys you don't want to encounter. Blake Lively's fat ass and much more.

Renderdish #11 Civil War Review

This week we tackle transgender Jenner NC HB2 law, "America" beer and Pepper Potts sex toys, then finish with our Civil War review (Spoiler Alerts)l.

Renderdish #10 Happy Star Wars Day

Let's have some fun with Star Wars. Who shot first? Brandon is scarred of E.T.? Trumps in? Loud Neighbor sex. Finally a Civil War Preview

Renderdish #9 Getting back to Normal

We slowly ween of the politics as we give Chris Pickett Sr. the final say on Trump. Then we bring back the funny talking Ally Bruener and finally back into the superhero realm. Lastly we leave you with our thoughts on Prince.

Renderdish #8 The Debate

Joseph Cimaomo and Chelsea Hillard hold nothing back defending their candidates while Brandon and I take a back seat while poking the bear

Renderdish #7 Democratic Edition

Brandon Valentine and I sit with Democratic delegate Chelsea Hillard as she tries to make us feel the Bern

Renderdish #6 Republican Edition

Brandon Valentine and I sit with Joseph Cimaomo a born republican and Cruz delegate and try to poke holes in his beliefs.

Renerdish #5
Brandon Valentine comes back in more of a permanent role as we discuss bar weirdos Batman V Superman and upcoming films. You may even hear teenage pips from Brandon's son Benton.
Renderdish #4

We welcome back Brandon Valentine to discuss comedy as a whole, St. Paddy's day and anywhere else our minds may travel.

Renerdish #3

This weeks guest is Gary Hunt and together we try to break down Terry Crews' porn addiction, Batman Vs Superman Fuller House and the Oscars neither of us watched and more

Renerdish #2 Deadpool Special
With the help of Brandon's son Benton we sit and talk everything from
the debut of Deadpool

Renerdish #1
And so it begins